Lillerne Tapes
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Lillerne Tapes began in 2007 in Lawrence, Kansas as a means of distributing the music of my close peers and friends. Since then,
the goal has remained the same, even as the amount of releases and size of distribution have grown at a comfortable pace. Now based
in Chicago since 2008, Lillerne specializes in editions of 100 or less, and the label's catalog contains music and non-music of all varieties.
Lillerne is interested in highlighting outsider artists, musicians and musical acts, and documenting important moments onto my favorite
aging medium of musical reproduction.

I accept demos, but I can't promise anything. Money is nearly always tight, and the small amount of tapes that Lillerne releases per
year are very much thought out and considered for their value and fit into the overall catalog. Send demos to the contact email address above.

Be sure to contact me with any other requests, questions or ideas.

This website is Lillerne #26.