More Eaze Conveyance
Lillerne is very proud to release “Conveyance,” the newest album by Marcus Maurice Rubio’s eclectic and prolific More Eaze project. “Conveyance” does a seamless job of tying together a penchant for digital clips and shifts, along with shimmering melodies and deeply organic layers of sound. Energetic synth lines and open, airy spaces meet up perfectly against sparkly FM crackles and cleanly focused rhythms—this is a beautifully composed collection of music. The warmth from its translation to cassette tape has only made the listening experience more exciting. I’ve listened to this a dozen times already and marveled at just how well-considered and lovingly placed each sound and melody is on this tape. Fall/cooler months listening at its finest. Edition of 50 pro-dubbed cassettes with double-sided artwork.


$9.50 Postage Paid US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email first if outside of the United States)