Sparkling Wide Pressure Yowling Seers
Lillerne is extremely excited to help bring into the world the newest set of recordings by Frank Baugh, aka Sparkling Wide Pressure. Baugh’s prolific solo project has been releasing countless cassettes and CD-Rs (barely an exaggeration) via all of your favorite labels (including 2013’s Press The Reverse And Give Me The Tape, also on Lillerne) and his own Kimberly Dawn imprint. Baugh is a rare master of both quantity AND quality, andYowling Seers continues in the tradition of collecting his impeccably constructed, beautifully performed and produced compositions. In addition to his utilization of guitar, synth, tape collage, and vocal melody/abstraction, Yowling Seers is very rhythmic and often relies on and experiments with structures of rhythm and drum programming. This collection is as moody and sparse in parts as it is head-bobbingly plodding and inspiring—all the while mixing together the recipe of instrumentation and tape wizardry for which the SWP project is so well-known. Another beautiful document of time, memory and emotion by Frank, and I feel privileged to contribute in any way to its existence. Edition of 50 pro-dubbed cassettes with full-color, double-sided artwork featuring paintings by Frank Baugh.


$9.50 Postage Paid US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email first if outside of the United States)