Maar The Opposing Shore
Over the past decade, Maar—the collaboration of Michael Vallera and Joseph Clayton Mills—have produced a series of distinctive, deeply engaging releases that seamlessly combine disparate strands of experimental music into an aesthetic that is wholly their own. Drawing on early electronic music, dub, ambient, and minimalist composition, but incorporating a precision and attention to sonic detail that is absolutely contemporary, their work consistently blurs distinctions between the natural and the inorganic world, tracing their shared patterns of erosion, decay, and startling lyricism. With The Opposing Shore, Maar have produced their most ambitious and fully realized work to date. Conceived and executed across distances—both spatial and temporal—the single, slowly unfurling track moves from placid near-silence through an increasingly dissonant, fractured sonic landscape, resolving at last into a luminous, suspended moment of enveloping calm. Immediately engrossing but rewarding patience and careful attention, The Opposing Shore invites repeated listening to uncover every facet of its unsettling, aggressive, and lushly beautiful vision. Edition of 50, pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes. A thirty minute program repeats on both sides.


$9.50 Postage Paid US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email first if outside of the United States)