Yaffle Lying on the Farthest Side of Bed
Lillerne is extremely pleased to present Lying on the Farthest Side of Bed, the second release by Moscow’s Yaffle. Much like their debut, A Night of the Worried (Kit Jr, 2018), Lying is a collection of thoughtfully concise and emotionally stirring compositions. The ten tracks herein are reflective and lush pieces of ambience that rely heavily on textures, effects and rhythms—bolstering the nostalgic melodies and explosions of shimmery fragments with a level of pacing and dynamic consideration that many aren’t able to achieve. Balance (albeit a fun, off-kilter version) is achieved with serene warmth meeting and playing nicely with moments of sharpness and delicate nothingness. A playful and truly engrossing cassette. Edition of 50 pro-dubbed cassettes with full-color, double-sided artwork.


$9.50 Postage Paid US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email first if outside of the United States)