Scammers Magic Carpet Ride c27
Weary after a month of touring in April of 2012, I arrived smelly and disoriented in Kansas City, KS for the last show before heading home. Having been a place I'd rested my head for a handful of years, I had come to expect good things from KC DIY shows, but my general state of physical and mental health was poor, and it seemed in the beginning to be one more hurdle before finally crawling into my own bed and never touching a musical instrument again. And then I saw Phil Diamond, AKA Scammers, perform wildly to a small, but eager end of the night dance party. As he scurried and ran around the room, he grabbed and pushed and pulled the attendees, making eye contact and friendly confrontations, all while crooning in his beautiful voice through a wireless microphone. His songs were lyrically honest and heartfelt, as well as irresistably catchy and danceable. The room was alive. I felt alive. It was a real moment, and I'm glad to be releasing Phil's newest creation: a concept album about Aladdin that travels from moving balladesque slow burners, to complete dancefloor jammers at a fast clip. An edition of 100, with artwork by Tim Goodwillie. Order and listen to "Blue Satin" below.


$6.00 PPD US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email if outside of the United States)