Michael Vallera/Bound Split c32
A very exciting split between two accomplished Chicago musicians and friends. Michael Vallera (COIN, Cleared) uses his half to explore textural, droning noise collage (“Dead Suns”) and stark guitar melodies that haunt as much as they offer solace (“Rome”). Vallera creates deceptively simple moments full of space and a uniquely dark beauty that linger long after the side ends. Bound is the solo project of Ben Babbitt (Pillars and Tongues), who crafts stunning synthscapes with a ear for dynamics and thoughtful pacing. Lush waves of melody crash effortlessly into quiet and somber moments of subtle reflection. Though wonderfully varied and different, these two sides make sense together as two deeply personal paths on a larger musical journey. Edition of 50 home-dubbed, Chrome/Type II cassettes with professionally printed, double-sided artwork.


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