Exael Miche C45
Very honored to be releasing Exael’s first proper record since last year’s Actaeon on Beer on the Rug. Miche is yet another fully immersive and deep collection of tracks—dipping toes into both the elements of dance music, as well as expansive and hypnotic ambient worlds. Mesmerizing rhythms fade into melodic and lush textures that again fade into jagged walls of digital noise. Regardless of the mode that Miche finds itself in, it never loses the humanity or rich emotive spirit that I think help piece together and form the foundation of Exael’s music. A beautiful, room-filling and soothing collection of moods. Edition of 75 pro-dubbed Type II/Chrome C45 cassettes with full-color, double-sided artwork by Nat Marcus and photography by Rysan Fall.


$8.00 Postage Paid US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email first if outside the United States)