Patrick Piper Headbang (35 minute program on both sides of a C80)
Headbang is Patrick Piper’s second release on Lillerne (2014’s In the Aureole of Lowness)—a beautiful slice of somber and expansive music perfectly timed for the fall season. Digital clips and harsh sonic debris clash with intensely lush and beautiful spans of wind tunnel textures and breaking pianos. The twenty-plus minute track “Headbang" is a heavy pile of sound that is easily one of my favorite tracks of the year. This tape feels alive in every single way—a physical and living/breathing collection of musical landscapes that demand one careful and engrossing listen after another. Edition of 50 home dubbed Chrome/Type II tapes with full-color, double-sided artwork. This is a C80 cassette with the same 35 minute program on each side.


$8.00 Postage Paid US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email first if outside the United States)