Brandon Hurtado Buried in Rain
Starting off the new year and midwinter with a softly-strummed bang in Brandon Hurtado’s “Buried in Rain.” Beautifully composed and recorded songs with a distinct solemnity and effortless force that set tones for short winter nights and cloudy skies. There is hope and catharsis in here, too, but the journey always takes longer than planned. To me, “Buried in Rain” is as if a pretty ambient tape and some lost Codeine cassette melted together on your car’s dashboard, but into a shape close enough to the original to still be played in the stereo. All the fuzz and hiss and distant, moving vocals you need to make it through the cold months. This is a deep, deep listen. Edition of 50 pro-dubbed, Type II/Chrome cassettes with full-color, double-sided artwork.


$8.75 Postage Paid US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email first if outside the United States)