anthéne fade
Lillerne is beyond happy to be releasing Toronto-based anthéne’s (AKA Brad Deschamps, the proprietor of the like-minded Polar Seas label) latest musical gem, fade. anthéne’s shimmering and spacious compositions on fade build and captivate at every turn—dynamically shifting from clean, reserved tones to lush piles of harmony through thoughtful and patient paths. Nothing about this cassette is aggressive or dynamically heavy-handed, and while the peak moments of each track remain moving and demand attention, Deschamps relies on a delicate palate of melody and volume to get the point across. Peaceful moments of joy and reflection perfect for solo journeys someplace else. Edition of 50 pro-dubbed Type II/Chrome cassettes with professionally printed, double-sided artwork.


$8.75 Postage Paid US/INT'L RATES APPLY (Please email first if outside of the United States)